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Her full name is Yuriko Akatsuki (暁由里子), Akatsuki meaning dawn, Yuriko meaning lily child.


She continues to assist Quon in saving those who awaken. Her power seems to be speed but it is never mentioned how fast she can actually go. She is seen to flirt with Quon but it is shown she does care for him. She works at the garden centre.

Powers and abilities[]

Her power is super speed although how fast she can actually go is not mentioned. She wears a suit when using her powers which is most likely to protect her from the friction and and other forces which is exerted on her at high speeds.


  • She has a vague resemblence to Suigintou from Rozen Maiden; having a somewhat similar hairstyle and hair color, and same colored eyes.
  • Her English voice actor is Jessica Boone.