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Her full name is Tei Ryumonji (龍紋寺薙), Ryumonji means temple of the dragon emblem, Tei is a kind of a weed in Japanese.


Tei is usually the peacemaker within the attractors due to her gentle and humble nature. She is a person who is often the damsel in distress, such as nearly being killed by Epsilon in the beginning of chapter 3, getting surrounded by strange people in chapter 4, and finally getting kidnapped by Kamishiro in chapter 5. In chapter 4, it was thought that Tei's feelings for Shun were romantic, but, according to a radio interview by Sokoani, it was revealed by the character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto and producer Makoto Watanabe that their relationship is more platonic rather than romantic.

She has a past, which shows that she was never loved by her family because of her status as an attractor, and was locked away, being called a monster.


She is always humble and incredibly polite to anybody especially towards Quon (can be shown when she used -sama end of his name). She is also rather mature for her age.

However, it can be said that when Tei is angry at a certain degree, she may surely show her twisted side, hinted at one artwork in a magazine.


Her power is not fully shown, but it seems she has the ability to sense others, especially Quon. She can also use telepathic abilities to communicate with them. She can also use her powers to inflict pain or chaos upon others, as well as reviving hurtful memories. It seems that she can see the future, only vaguely.


  • Tei's outfits are designed off the popular lolita fashion. Notably she is dressed in the Wa-Loli fashion style, as her dress resembles that of a kimono.
  • Her Japanese voice actor Kaori Nazuka, also voiced Eureka from Eureka Seven, another work by Bones.
  • Her English voice actor is Monica Rial.



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