Cyborg Epsilon (サイボーグ・イプシロン) aka Shun Kazami (風見瞬); Shun meaning twinkle, or in a flash, and Kazami, meaning wind watcher.


The second newest member of the Custos. Was shown with a tragic past related to his younger sister before he became a cyborg. His real name is Shun Kazami (風見瞬). In the third part, he found out his sister and he are Larvaes. However, he accidently killed his sister due to lack of control over his powers. Since he was deeply traumatized of killing his sister, he ends up joining Custos after repressing his memories. His ability is to generate and manipulate fire at will. In part 4, he initiated Larvae Burst and gained full control over his powers and his body without the use of his power limiter. His powers also integrate with his cyborg enhancements and armor, making him stronger. He defected from Custos and joined the Attractors, even though most of them hate him. However, their view eventually changed after he saved Tei and Kiri. It was thought Shun also had feelings for Tei, but it was declined by Toshihiro Kawamoto and Makoto Watanabe during a Sokoani interview. Throughout Chapter 5-[[[The Eternity of Eternity|6]], he starts to develop a personality.


Originally, before he became a cyborg, Shun was a very kind and caring person, especially towards his younger sister, Lisa. During his time in Custos, he was just like any other cyborg; cold and near emotionless, carrying an intense hatred towards the attractors, calling them monsters. From chapter 4, he eventually starts to change his nature, and while in the process, it is possible that he became somewhat of a tsundere.

Shun was notably tsundere throughout chapter 4, especially towards Quon.

Finally, in chapters 5 and 6, although it is unclear, it can be said that Shun reforms a personality, being generally a pure-hearted, shy and sweet person like he used to be in the past, and on the other hand, being somewhat innocent, child like, and naive for his actual age. It is also very notable that Shun knows what is right and wrong, and will definitely try to avoid committing anything wrong. This personality is hinted at after his gentle smile shown in chapter 5.

Shun finally becomes a very sweet and innocent person later on.


Shun is 21 years old. He has a curly silver-blue hair with yellow-golden eyes. Shun's face is notably androgynous and considerably handsome; having a delicate face build and a somewhat feminine look. He is 181 cm tall, with blood type O, and weighing 70 kg.

Before he became a cyborg, Shun had purple-grey eyes, and a charcoal grey hair.


Basically, Shun has the ability to control and manipulate fire. After he went full power on chapter 5, he became able to incinerate or create large lasers with his powers.


  • Many fans have made jokes about his hair, to one point some people drew birds making a nest on his hair.
  • After Shun's smile in chapter 5, many fans have also made funny possibilities about him; such as possibly being a slight crybaby if not in battle, gets easily picked on as well as a quirk for anything sweet.This has become somewhat popular choice about Shun by the fans.
  • In the designs book volume two, there was an unused sketch of Shun in his personal outfit. It is hinted that he may have a fondness for fashion and probably has a good sense of fashion.
  • After chapter 5, many fans who have twitter, tweeted about his butt...
  • Shun somewhat resembles Raiden from the video game Metal Gear Solid, and bears many similarities.
    • Notably their faces, and hair, except Shun's hair is more curly.
    • Both have tragic pasts, and both became cyborgs. (Shun became a cyborg at his will after repressing his memories, but regrets the fact that he done it, and starts becoming humane later on. Raiden unwillingly became a cyborg, but he eventually becomes more human again.)
    • Even both getting stripped "naked". (At chapter 4, Shun loses his black cyborg body suit, and goes naked for the entire series on. This can be considered as being stripped naked. Raiden was stripped naked in one scene.)
  • He also bears slight resemblance to Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genesis Evangelion; Shun's cyborg bodysuit in Custos resembling that of Kaworu's plugsuit, as well as both having silver hair, and thus both dying. Shun's unused outfit resembles Kaworu's personal outfit. Some fans say Shun would be what Kaworu would look like after he becomes an adult.
  • He bears a visually striking resemblance to Upsilon from Armored Troopers VOTOMS. Note that Upsilon's Japanese name, and Shun's name as Epsilon, are written the same.
  • Shun notably has a heavy resemblance to Anakin Skywalker aka young Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise, notably in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. They both have similar facial features, and similar hairstyles, only Anakin having less bangs than Shun does. In fact, they are both cyborgs, and Shun's eye color somewhat resembles Sith eyes.
  • He coincidentally shares the same romaji name as Shun Kazami from Bakugan. However, their first names are different; as Shun from Towa no Quon is written as 瞬 while the Shun from Bakugan is written as 駿. They have same last names.
  • Shun's voice actor, Kosuke Toriumi, did another character called Shun Nanase, from VitaminX. Coincidentally, the two Shuns Toriumi did have same first names as well as same kanji writings for their first names. The two Shuns even have similar colored eyes.
  • His last words were "A human's possibility is unlimited."
  • His English voice actor is David Mataranga.