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Quon is the main character of the Towa no Quon series. His full name is Quon Miduchi (三槌久遠). Quon meaning eternity, and Miduchi meaning three hammers.


Quon was born long ago in a village where supernatural abilities were common. He also had a younger brother named Towa. One day, while away from his village, soldiers attacked and killed his people. Distraught and overcome with rage, Quon awakened his power for the first time, and decimated the soldiers. To atone for his sins he vowed to save those who have awakened.

Quon aims to for a future of peace and acceptance, where those who have awakened can live freely and without fear with the rest of society.


Quon is a kind person. Despite appearing to be quite young Quon is thousands of years old, leading him to be deceptively mature. His kindness is so strong that he wishes to save everyone who has awakened their powers, which is obviously shown in the first and fourth chapters, to the point that he even saves Shun, who was his enemy. It seems like he barely gets angry, but can get saddened easily when he fails to save an awakened child. He also has a thing for instant noodles, thinking it is an invention made in a thousand years. His favorite brand being Sunny Noodles and liking the Shouyu sauce flavor.


Quon appears to be about the age of a 15-16 year old boy. His hair is a dark forest green, and he also wears a black headband. He wears a black, sleeveless shirt with a green gem placed in his collarbone region, as well as black pants and shoes. Over his top he wears an reddish-orange trench coat with gold lining around the edges. His eye color is navy blue with a tinge of purple.


Quon has the time manipulation he pode for time go back in time and speed up time and that without the limiter making towa manipulate time as he wants. Ability e power: Características Físicas Sobre-Humanas, Manipulação da Causalidade, Criação, Manipulação da Realidade, Manipulação Espacial, Manipulação Temporal, Manipulação Energética, Manipulação da Vida, Invocação, Manipulação de Leis, Manipulação Conceitual, Manipulação da Probabilidade, Existência Abstrata, Manipulação da Alma, Manipulação da Mente, Regeneração Manipulação da Informação, Manipulação do Enredo (Todo autor define a vontade de sua história e do que está dentro dela), Ressurreição, Manipulação do Destino, Acausalidade (Tipo 4), Absorção (Tudo que entra dentro da sua história e domínio se torna parte da mesma e dele), Teletransporte, Campos de Força, Cura, Onipresença, Manipulação da Matéria, Manipulação da Lógica. his final transformation he increases his powers 500× or can even increase to maximum power which 1000× multiplies his physical and magical abilities.Quon possessing the absolute barrier shown in the anime he is immune and intangible against physical and magical and spiritual attacks.

In his complete transformation his powers are godlike, he has no physical form becoming astral, causing objects to pass right through him. He was capable of taking away the abilities of others, telekinesis, gathering light in the surrounding area and in an instant completely annihilated the Custos headquarters. He also became capable of teleporting himself and a large number of people in an instant.

After his fight in the final episode, Quon is shown with a cast around his arm and saying the lines "It's finally begun to move again... This stopped time of mine" showing that Quon is not immortal any more. However, it is unknown if he has lost all his other powers as well or still retains them.



  • It was revealed in an interview by Sokoani that the idea about Quon liking instant noodles is by one of the staff.
  • Quon bears a resemblence to Dominic Sorel from another Bones work called Eureka Seven.
  • His outfit could have been possibly based off Full Metal Alchemist's Edward Elric's coat. Full Metal Alchemist is also a Bones work.
  • Quon and Shun have many things in common, as well as things which mirror some traits.
    • Quon's name means "eternity", while Shun's means "in an instant".
    • Quon is shorter and has a more child-like appearance, while Shun is tall and mature looking. However, their personalities don't match their looks; Quon being unusually mature for a boy who looks around 15 or 16, and Shun, being somewhat childish and naive for a 21 years old.
    • Both have younger siblings; Quon has a younger brother, and Shun has a younger sister.
    • Both have their stronger forms.
    • Their Insania forms have a pattern; Quon's Insania form seems to represent the oon, while Shun's represents the sun.
    • Quon has black hair, while Shun has a silver-blue hair. Can be comparable to ying-yang.
  • His English voice actor is Corey Hartzog.

Força de Impacto:[]

Infinito: foi capaz de quase destruir todo universo e lutou contra deus da morte Quon quase o derrotou.


Onipresente: como deus da morte Quon lutou igual pra igual com ele os dois não possui limitado de velocidade.


Vigor: depois de receber seus poderes Quon recebeu a abilidade de não possui stamina.[]


Quase Infinito: na sua forma final quon fica com sua resistência Infinita mais ja sua outras forma não.