Cyborg Delta (サイボーグ・デルタ) Voiced by: Minako Kotobuki


The new member of the Custos, and the only female cyborg in the army. Her real name is Hizuru Asuka (飛鳥ひずる). She is impressed with Epsilon's detective work and deduction, as well as developing a crush on him. After Epsilon's larvae awakening, she starts to doubt Custos's initiative.


Hizuru, being one of the newer cyborgs along with Shun, she does have traces of emotion remaining in her. It is notable that she seems to hide her feelings with cold words, techinically a tsundere, but since she is rather calm, it is more appropriate to consider her as a kuudere. Hizuru has a foundness for ice cream.


  • She bears a great resemblance to C.C from Code Geass, and bear similar personalities and appearances.